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Past Works

Most recently, I've been exploring non-natural elements in my work, specifically working with the lighthouses on Nantucket.  For several years I have held on to the idea of only including totem animals, or spirit guides, alongside the natural elements, but have been letting go.  In some ways, it is freeing, and in other ways, it is more weighty.  Perhaps this is the human condition.

"To Wonder"
"Don't Hesitate"(cormorant at dusk)
"You Are Mine"
"We Are Whales"
"For The Nest"
"Prophecy Fulfilled" (cardinal)
"Prophecy Fulfilled" (finch)
"Prophecy Fulfilled" (bluebird)
"For The Matriarch"
"Good Morning, Oscar"
"The Time Is Almost"
"Always Changing Probably"
"The Journey"

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