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Archived Works

In this phase, my work moves from being more passive and serene to being more aggressive in its energy.

"Rivers And Roads"
"Follow Through"
"To Know Bounds"
"Overcoming Obstacles II"
"Overcoming Obstacles III"
"Overcoming Obstacles I"
"The Path" (part 1)
"The Path" (part 2)
"The Path" (part 3)
"Keeper of Secrets"
"Transformation Of Knowledge"
"Did You Disguise Yourself..."
"Let The Spirit Take You"
"Falcon Says To Crows"
"Deepwater Horizon"
"The Depth Of Joyful Timelessness"
"Waking Vision"
"S.510" (crow scavenging squirrel)
"Plant Yourself In The Ground & Swim
"Keeping Balance"

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